Friday, 12 April 2013

Philosophy for better living

In searching for ways in which we can we learn more about relating, most of us turn to our personal experience.  It is after all our primary way of knowing and one that shapes our patterns of relating.    Beyond that however, modern society seems to rely mostly on social and psychological research to understand and shape our notions of collaboration, attachment and even love!  

Philosophical insights however provide further weight to the importance of relationships.    Despite Stephen Hawking assertion in his book ‘The Grand Design’ that philosophy is dead and that science is the new provider of answers to the "big questions", science has yet to capture the fullness of emotion and the complexity of relationship.   

Cicero says "that to study philosophy is nothing but to prepare one's self to die".   We also however feel that it enriches our lives and equips us to better live.   Heidegger for example coined the phrase “being-in-the-world-with-others” as an existential given of life whilst Sartre looked at it differently as “Hell is other people”… What did they mean and how does getting to grips with their way of viewing the world teach us how better to live today?  

Interested?  If yes, join us in our monthly philosophy reading/study group.  

The group will be facilitated by Marie-Anne and Sally.  We will start off reading some materials giving an introduction to philosophy and the work of phenomenologically orientated philosophers and discussing if/how the reading influences our work.  The group is suitable for coaches, psychotherapists, consultants and trainers and can be joined via Skype or in person in London or Malvern UK. No prior knowledge of philosophy is necessary.   Please call us to discuss this further and see if it will meet your interests/needs.  Both of us believe that studying philosophy has hugely enriched our practice and our lives and we'd like to share this with you.

Marie-Anne & Sally